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Nouvelle borne fusible sectionnable SSIK 4 / SSIK 6

Les bornes fusibles SSIK comportent un levier d'extraction qui se bloque dans sa position d'extrémité haute et il est possible de fixer un fusible de réserve sur le côté.

Les micro-fusibles suivants peuvent être fixés: SSIK 4 (5x20/5x25/5x30) et SSIK 6 (6.3x25/6.3x32)

Two cross-connection channels within the fused terminals allow for potentials
to be distributed to adjacent fused and feed-through terminals from the SRK
series. For multiplying the potentials, we offer the SQI standard accessory,
available with from 2 to 30 poles. An additional connection (SMAG) can also
be attached to the outlet side. Two or three extraction levers can be coupled
and operated simultaneously by using the VBS connection sleeves.

They are available with or without a status display, whereby the display can
be retro-fitted onto the base terminal at a later point in time.

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